Brand & Identity / July 2018

In 2016 Mojestik was just starting up, the driving concept being that premium dog food, and premium customer experience does not need come at a premium price.

We first met Ilias, Mojestik’s founder, through George. As head of a web development team in Greece, George is a long time friend, collaborator and one solid reason that Thessaloniki has become our unofficial second city.

It often seems that through contrast we are able to further appreciate difference. For Us this is definitely the case in Greece. Germany is famed for its minimalist, functional design, (see the De Stijl movement, Deutsches Werkbund and philosophies from the Bauhaus). In juxtaposition, Greece has its own brand of minimalism—as if the ‘a-little-too-much’ of 80’s postmodernism has been sifted away to leave an uncompromising boldness. This can be seen abundantly, from high-end salons to lonely news kiosks. It is in this context that we wanted Mojestik to both fit in and stand out.

From day one it was clear that Mojestik couldn’t and shouldn’t be positioned as just another dog food brand; the product sets itself apart from the norm in so many ways. Mojestik operates solely online, delivering subscription orders to the door. The whole experience focuses on simplicity, ease and of course dogs—there were even dogs present at our meetings. There is no such thing as the perfect client, but our understanding of the brand and love of animals with Ilias’ openness to a bold, forward-thinking approach were a combination that just worked. The project was almost a black canvas which provided enormous scope to add expertise.

We developed the use of dog imagery as a system of illustrations. Photography seems to be used universally across pet food packaging. An abstracted image has, however, a greater boldness, simplicity, and relatability. In light of the Greek design aesthetic, the key colours are black and white. The logo mark, a dogs face as a single line, is cut into the black to white boundary and used flexibly across packaging, advertising, the website and more. Each type of dog food—puppy, small, medium and large—has its own pop of colour and unique illustration.

This project has never been about creating a one-off package design and website. We were always aware that Mojestik requires a system that can adapt and grow with the brand. The aesthetic and system that we created are present across Mojestik’s social media channels, t-shirts and giveaways. Far from being a static concept and product, Mojestik have been working recently on a new release; follow Us to stay up to date with our most recent projects.

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