Sometimes you just _____ .

Posters and Prints / July 2018

There is no end in the satisfaction to be gained from finding joy in the seemingly mundane.

Happiness is not reliant on grand gestures when equivalent pleasure can ensue from everyday occurrences. The small significant-insignificances who’s skill, playfulness or absurdity can turn the corners of one’s mouth before consciousness has intervened.

Our relationship with language leaves a rich well for such instances. Words can be used to describe, define and communicate but there is a wide and poorly articulated ravine between what language can express and the full extent of human experience. Rather than worry about such an insufficiency – the fuzzy, interpretable nature of language provides us with an opportunity to play.

This is the context of a series of posters which play with language and typography. At Us, of course we make serious work, but there is also room for playful exploration and questions with the answer ‘just because’. Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, as a team, we are constantly sharing articles, design references and almost any other type curiosities picked up along the way. Here the reference points were a combination of how hilariously random and yet fitting sentences generated from the media could be (see and a short essay written by Oliver Sacks on mishearings.

We wanted to play with how words often associate themselves with people and places. Jon, for example, has somewhere gained a reputation, and a cap, associated with moist and as an agency, we do all kinds of clicking.

The concept and system of the underline at some point worked its way off the page and on to business cards with personalised, ice-breaking ‘quotes’, and onto t-shirts, out of office emails, stickers and ‘surprise, we’re going to Greece cards’. Having a quote and a poster has become synonymous with being part of the Us_ team. To celebrate Borja’s first six months with Us, we gave him his own personalised sentence, business cards and poster.

We are however pretty open and easy with what it takes to be a part of Us and you will be able to get your own poster from our online shop soon.