The Start of Us

Co-working / July 2018

Us launched on the 2nd of March 2015 with a poster exhibition in collaboration with betahaus.

The Us launch coincided with the advent of betahaus café exhibitions; before the launch we spent the day installing a system to allow art to be hung flexibly in the space. Us, from the very beginning, was not about one-off solutions, instead, our launch exhibition is one example of our pragmatic, long-term thinking. We continue to facilitate and curate an ongoing rolling exhibition in collaboration with betahaus.

The posters themselves are a minimalist representation of the services we offer as an agency. Each is based on the circle and is some kind of game of logic as to how many moves are required to transform a base shape into a recognisable illustration of a distinct creative service.

In not needing to say too much we say a lot.

This is what we wanted to communicate:

We are a collective who offer first-rate creative services with a core focus on collaboration and progressive solutions.