Co-working / July 2018

Us+ is, as the name suggests, an extension of Us. A structure that houses and facilitates creativity through collaboration.  

Us began as a collection of friends who enjoyed working together and felt that we could create richer work in collective than independently. Our goal was never to be a traditionally structured agency—we wanted the freedom and reactivity to be gained as a flexible group of interdisciplinary creatives. For this, and so many other reasons, the time we spent working from betahaus was invaluable. The community incubated our ambitions, expanded our connections and even became part of Us. A rolling poster exhibition in the betahaus café gave the opportunity to reflect back to the outside world our experiences and understanding of the future of work and community.  

Time leaves nothing unchanged. As we grow as an agency and the betahaus finds its own new home it felt like the natural progression that Us would also take a next step.

Us+ refers to our new office space. It houses not just Us but a community of developers, designers, writers, filmmakers, start-ups and in addition to almost anything else imaginable.

The writing of this marks the first few weeks of our inhabitation of the space. Despite some empty desks and the last pieces of unsorted furniture the office already feels like a home from home. Five work rooms are set across two floors of an otherwise residential building, in addition, there is a kitchen, community space and bathrooms (with a shower—just inviting a pre-work run). Situated on one of the most vibrant corners of Kreuzköln light and canal views flood in from all sides. This, combined with mouldings, wooden floors and original doors, are cause of the unrivalled Berliner Altbau feeling.

Since I first moved to Berlin, the location has been one of my favourite areas. The Maybach Uffe market takes place outside the front door on Tuesdays and Fridays; street food and fresh snacks are sure to become a bi-weekly routine. This is before mentioning all the cafés, restaurants and bars only minutes away on foot.

There is a definite sense of anticipation as we plan first communal meals and the racemappr group runs from the office. Watch this space for upcoming events, launches and parties.

As a co-working environment we are a transient and open community, if you are looking for a workspace we might have a desk or room free, get in touch.